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Irrigation Solutions: Your East End Sprinkler Company

Your lawn is an important element in the appearance of your estate.  The unique atmosphere that you have created throughout your home, made up of thousands of individual design choices, makes a statement about who you are. In the same way, your lawn and landscaping also define your aesthetic, and they introduce your sense of beauty before a guest even walks through your front door.

Professional Sprinkler System Installations

hampton sprinkler installation houseLet Irrigation Solutions become your partner in creating your personal sanctuary. With our attention to directing water exactly where it needs to go in your yard, we make sure that your grass is lush and green even during the driest summers. Our professional irrigation contractors will come out to your site and evaluate your individual watering needs, taking into account the species of grass and landscaping plants you have and the amount of sun and shade that you have. We create a customized design for your new sprinkler system, using only the most rugged fittings and components. Our service may not be the very lowest price, but we stand behind its high quality and durability. We build sprinkler systems to last a lifetime.

Your Hampton Estate Sprinkler Services

If you’ve had trouble finding someone to provide repair and maintenance for your irrigation system, you can stop searching now. Irrigation Solutions is available to take care of any watering issues you might have. Whether you have older sprinkler heads that have stopped turning, or an irrigation timer that refuses to set properly, or just some hard-to-trace leaks in your system, we’re here for you. We serve East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Southampton and West Hampton, and we guarantee our customer service and our results. Take a look at some of the comments from our happy customers, and at our A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. We’ve been doing business in your neighborhood for almost two decades, and we’re accountable for our results.

Irrigation Solutions is your one-stop full-service Long Island sprinkler company, and we are ready to partner with you in keeping your estate looking the way it should. A properly designed watering system will deliver moisture in precisely calculated amounts to every zone in your lawn and landscaping, so that no dry spots or browning off will ever be visible. Furthermore, when irrigation systems are constructed with the highest quality components, and given appropriate winterization, they will perform perfectly season after season.

Our expert contractors are fully licensed and insured. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with their customer service and workmanship.

Call Irrigation Solutions today at (631) 205-5700. We will be delighted to make an appointment with you at your earliest convenience to come out and talk with you about your irrigation needs.


Our skilled licensed and insured contractors guarantee a full-service, quality experience.


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